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Rollerblade Swindler

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Rollerblade Swindler
Whether you're just starting out or have been skating for a little while, the Rollerblade Swindler Aggressive Skates is a great one for grinding. You'll have the support of a molded shell keeping your feet and ankles in check while you'll feel just like you're in a pair of shoes. This comfortable Swindler Skate is easy and quick to lace up so you'll be out and in the park in no time. The Swindler shell and upper are hardcore and durable so they can take the abuse you want to dish out. When you want to experience the streets like never before then the Rollerblade Swindler Aggressive Skates are the ones to roll on.frame: TRS street, Super-Lock groovewheels: Rollerblade 60mm/90agrindwheels: Rollerbladebearings: SG 5

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Kleur Light Blue
Barcode 8034033479153
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