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Twincam Sus Lager Rustproof 16

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Twincam Sus Lager Rustproof 16
Do you skate in all conditions? You don’t mind a little rain? Then you will love the Wicked Twincam SUS Rustproof bearings designed by Twincam. These 7-ball bearings are perfect for the skater who skates all year round, and is faced with all kinds of weather conditions in their chosen sport. Adventure athletes such as Nordic skaters love this product for their off-road applications. The bearings include a SUS channel to help eliminate as much contamination as possible and a water resistant lithium based bearing grease. The pack includes an awesome little tool kit with bunch of heads to help maintain your skates.Tools included: torx T25 4mm hex Philips screwdriver slot screwdriver nut adaptor tool box- Sold in a pack of 16 bearings.

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Kleur Black
Barcode 4040333425121
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